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Dust Control

Treatment Areas for Dust Control

•Unpaved Roads

•  Open Pit Mines

•  Riding Stables

•  Rodeos

•  Cattle Yards

•  Indoor Arena

•  Fairgrounds

•  Construction Areas

•  Playgrounds

•  Parking Lots

•  Race Tracks

•  Service Areas

•  Airports

• Helicopter Pads

•  Truck Terminals

•  Rail Yards

•  Coal Cars

•  Landfills

Advantages of Dust Control

•  Clean Air

•  Improve Visibility

•  Save Road material

•  Reduce Road Building

•  Reduce Washboards

•  Reduce Vehicle Maintenance

•  Reduce Health Hazard

•  Reduce Spread of Dust Mites

•  Reduce Dust on Vegetation

•  Reduce Complaints

•  Dust Control Anywhere

•  De-icer and Ice Blocker

•  Soil stabilization

•  Soil Remediation

•  Fertilizer Ingredient

•  Livestock Feed Ingredient

•  Food Supplement

•  Flame Proofing

•  Odor Control

Using dust control agents prevents loss of materials from treated surfaces, reduces dust complaints, and on road surfaces significantly reduces maintenance costs. Dust loss from roads is actual loss of road material, leading to deterioration, rough roads, and potholes

We have Feed Grade Salt, Magsalt Brown, Softwater Salt Nuggets, Road Salt for Ice Melts, and Liquid Brine Water .  DOLOMITE- 12% magnesium, 20% calcium  CALCIUM-38% min, 40%  ZEOLITE-for feed stock and binders.  SODIUM-Bi Carb totes and bulk. 50lbs bags 2000lbs totes and bulk.

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