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Starch Feed Ingredient




Dairymen if you are looking to:  

  • Maintain Milk      

  • Improve Rumen Balance  

  • PH Control  

  • Faster Starch Utilization  

  • Decrease Ration Sugar Cost  

 VZM new process breaks down corn so that 98% of the total starch is digestible in 12 hours. The 7 hour starch disappearance is nearly 85% with less than 1% of starch bypassing the rumen. Combining VZM with a balanced proportion of rumen degradable protein created microbial protein which in turn allows us to reduce the cost of the most expensive ingredients in our rations. Contact us today to learn more about how VZM can fit into your program. We are more than happy to work with both you and your nutritionist to improve your bottom line.  


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